Key Personnel

Gil ChatagnierGil Chatagnier

Mr. Chatagnier performs the administrative duties required to meet both the short term and long term needs of the company.  These duties include:  staffing, quality control, client development and planning.  He also assists the Chief Engineer in reviewing and insuring the technical adequacy and timely delivery of all of the work performed by the company.  This involves often times coordinating and participating in the performance of highly technical analysis.

Mr. Chatagnier has served as Project Manager/Design Engineer for numerous marine projects in the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean including the design of docks, wharves, bulkheads, barge fleeting and mid-stream ship moorings.  Other projects involve diverse civil/structural design and construction management services for liquid and dry bulk terminals, refineries and petrochemical facilities.  


Joe JacquatJoe Jacquat

Mr. Jacquat practices the engineering of marine facilities and civil works with over thirty years of experience in research, development and design of marine works. Specialty areas of practice include marine facility conceptual planning, expert witness testimony, steel and concrete structures, earth retaining structures and analysis of marine structural systems. 

Design experience includes cast-in-place and precast concrete structures, steel girder bridges, composite bridge design, jacketed marine structures, multi-buoy mooring systems, deep and shallow foundations, lateral loading of deep foundations, cellular cofferdams, anchored and cantilevered bulkheads, temporary soil retaining systems for construction, slope stability investigations, and expert testimony on marine facility structures. 

Building on his academic background from exceptional civil and structural engineering programs at Tulane University in New Orleans, Mr. Jacquat continues his education with regular presentations on the many facets of marine structural works. With Lanier, Mr. Jacquat has spent the last twenty-five years serving as Project Manager, Project Engineer, Civil-Structural Department Manager and Principal‑in‑Charge for a multitude of marine facility projects around the world.


Jeffry MazzantiJeffry Mazzanti

Mr. Mazzanti has over twenty-five years experience in civil and structural engineering.  He has been involved in the design, inspection and analysis of marine structures worldwide.  His focus has been marine facilities on inland waterways and coastal locations, including near-shore anchorages.  Other professional experience includes inspection and structural design of industrial facilities and a variety of bridge design and inspection. Projects completed include new marine liquid cargo docks; LNG marine terminal projects; near-shore anchorages and midstream moorings (Anchor Buoy Moorings); numerous projects for the repairs or renovation of marine liquid cargo, dry bulk cargo, and general cargo docks; mooring analyses; passing vessel studies; dock utilization studies; construction cost estimates; concept and feasibility studies for a variety of commercial and industrial clients; design optimization studies of proposed facilities; and expert reports for marine damage claims.


David CowartDavid Cowart

Mr. Cowart has a hand in coordinating project management, project development, conceptual design, detailed design and drafting for a broad range of commercial and industrial projects.  Major projects completed include several new, state of the art, marine liquid cargo docks; Public Port general cargo wharves; numerous projects for the repairs or renovation of marine liquid cargo, dry bulk cargo, and general cargo docks; several new steel sheet-pile bulkheads; repairs to existing steel sheet-pile bulkheads; major dredging projects; and many engineering reports, master plan studies, cost estimates, berth utilization studies, and feasibility studies for a variety of commercial and industrial clients.



Price LanierPrice Lanier

Mr. Lanier manages the permitting, feasibility and quality control for numerous industrial projects. Since joining the firm in 2005, he has successfully permitted close to 100 marine terminal projects for a wide range of clients all over the Southeast including major oil and gas companies, mid stream terminal companies, grain elevators, dry bulk terminals and chemical companies. Mr. Lanier has extensive knowledge in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permitting process as well as the local level permit process. Over the past 10 years, he has guided dozens of projects from concept through permitting and onto detailed design. Mr. Lanier also performs marketing and client development duties for Lanier & Associates.



Tim Duncan

Mr. Duncan has over thirty-five years of practical design engineering and engineering management experience. His expertise in the design of facilities requiring product transfers (liquids or dry bulk), as well as his ability to coordinate the efforts of various clients and engineering disciplines, allow Mr. Duncan to develop projects from the conceptual phase, through detailed design, and into final construction and start-up.

His marine terminal experience includes hundreds of projects for a wide range of public and industrial clients. His specialties include conceptual and final design of dry and liquid bulk handling facilities, equipment design/selection and layout, cost estimates, project development, preparation and administration of construction contracts, and project management.

Major projects include extensive renovations to multiple grain export facilities, new marine liquid cargo installations, and development of new coal and coke handling terminals.

Typical projects include vessel loading and/or unloading, storage yard or storage tank transfers, product reclaim, or product blending. Equipment required may include conveying systems, pump systems, marine loading arms, barge haul systems, dust control systems, vapor control systems, bulk weighing systems, or product sampling systems.


Brad Frischhertz

Mr. Frischhertz has a broad range of engineering design and project management experience.  Since joining Lanier & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc. in 2004, he has managed the permitting, design and construction of many industrial marine and public port construction projects in the Southeastern United States.  More recently, Mr. Frischhertz has taken on an expanded role which includes administrative duties such as personnel management, talent acquisition, strategic planning and client development.

His projects primarily involve inland marine design and port infrastructure improvement.  He has successfully supervised and performed the design of new construction projects, facility modification projects, and damage repair projects.  Mr. Frischhertz remains fully involved in his projects from the initial client contact through the completion of construction.  He coordinates the efforts of the structural department with mechanical, electrical, surveying, and drafting department personnel to produce concise, constructible design concepts and accurate construction drawings and specifications. 

Mr. Frischhertz specializes in site selection and concept development for new ship and barge docks.  He particularly enjoys this aspect of his work and has been afforded the opportunity to develop many such Lanier projects.