Instrumentation & Controls

Application of instrumentation to facilitate process variables; development of specifications; review and recommendation of vendors' data; preparation of loop diagrams and installation drawings; control room layout and panel board design; instrument air systems; analyzers and interfacing with computerized control.

Design of emergency shutdown systems including the following:

  • Control panel design
  • Alarm and annunciator system design
  • Design of tie-ins to fire detection and gas detection systems
  • Specification of shutdown devices such as pull cord stops, belt misalignment switches and zero speed switches for dry bulk and liquid materials handling facilities

Design of sump pump control systems including the following:

  • Control panel design
  • Alarm and annunciator system design
  • Specification of level detection instrumentation and control devices

Design of programmable logic control (PLC) systems including interfaces to distributed control systems (DCS).

Design of product line instrumentation including the following:

  • Pressure and temperature transmitters, switched and indicators
  • Flowmeters and totalizers
  • Sampling systems
  • Analyzers
  • Motor operated valves
  • Pneumatic operated valves

Design of tank instrumentation including the following:

  • Pressure, temperature and level transmitters, switches and indicators
  • Automatic tank gauging systems

Additional Design Capabilities:

  • Valve control panels
  • Automated truck loading systems
  • Automatic fire detection, alarm and protections systems
  • Gas detection and alarm systems
  • Closed circuit television (CCTV) systems
  • Control buildings and control rooms for housing main control equipment
  • Design and layout of conduit and cable tray raceway systems

Preparation Capabilities:

  • Control wiring schematics and interconnecting wiring diagrams
  • Instrument loop diagrams
  • Preparation on Instrument Society of America (ISA) specification sheets for all instrumentation